Azure Conditional Access for Linux?

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I'm looking into the possibility of implementing Azure Conditional Access and it's my understanding that you can determine compliance through Intune. However I'm noticing that it seems Intune is supported only on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. There's no mention of Linux here so I'm wondering two things:

  1. How have folks been able to determine compliance on Linux for Azure Conditional Access? We have a lot of employees on Linux.

  2. If it's not possible to achieve this with Azure Conditional Access, what are some other alternatives that you might recommend looking into for setting up zero-trust to online services while supporting Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux?

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Linux is currently not supported in Conditional Access.
If you select 'all platforms', Linux will be targeted as well
Conditional access is coming!
currently in preview for this year, but its coming.
Check out this article