Edge Setting Sites to open when the browser starts not working

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I am trying to push an MS Edge Admx template configuration profile where I am pushing the below settings:

   1. Action on StartUp setting (user can override) 

   2. Sites to open when the browser starts (user can override) 

   3. Show HomeButton (user can override) 

   4. Setting HomePage location (user can override) 


These Edge policies are just to make sure that the home button is enabled, set the homepage location and Edge can launch some websites on startup.


Although I can see the policies getting successfully deployed from Intune and while accessing the edge://policy page I can see the policies are getting applied correctly but when I am going to the Edge settings ==> Start, home, and new tabs, it shows me the attached screenshot.

If you see the screenshot, the Sites to open when the browser starts (user can override) setting is not getting applied correctly. The intent is to allow the users to set the starting pages as per their choice along with the web page we have set from Intune. Rest policies are working correctly.


Any suggestion would be appreciated.



Ashish Arya

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Hi...ALmost a year ago i noticed something was wrong with that policy,... but not sure if its still the same.. I will assume it is fixed... but its worth checking out


@Rudy_Ooms_MVPIt works when we are pushing the policy in device context but post deployment, user is unable to add any other URLs along with the one we are pushing from Intune.


Hence, I was trying to push the same with user context but it is not working as expected. The intent is to make sure user is able to add or can change the URL as per his choice.