Android enrollment not working because onscreen keyboard now coming up.

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I have 4 models of tablets running Android 13 and 14. All of them can't enroll in a Fully Managed Android Enterprise profile with Intune because there is no onscreen keyboard. When the device gets to the login screen the onscreen keyboard will not come up but I can get past that screen by using the URL and another device. But I can't get past our MFA login after that without any keyboard. 

The Gboard system app is installed on the device. I added Gboard to the policy. I can see in Intune where the keyboard is installed. But it never will come up. 

Work Profile and the Dedicated profile work fine. Our dedicated profile doesn't require a login since it's all device based. Work Profile is probably uses the keyboard app from the personal side. 

I've reached out to the manufactures of these devices and they claim it's because Intune doesn't push the Gboard app until after the device is registered. 

Most of our Corporate Owned devices are Fully Managed Android devices. This is a serious issue if users can't log into a new device to complete enrollment. 

Any ideas on what could be the issue here? 

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@orsty3001 Same here. I was able to do a workaround: 
Deploy Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard, then change default input method to that keyboard.

Hope it helps.

@RadekPro Thank you for your response. 

That doesn't work for me.