Profile Not Found When installing Management Profile in iOS Device

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Is there anyone here experience the error "Profile Not found. Try downloading and installing the profile again." during the installation of profile in company portal? Management Profile was successfully installed in device settings.



Thank you.

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That’s a first for me. No issues on iOS 15 and 16. Just enrolled some devices yesterday. Is the issue on a single device or multiple? Which iOS version is impacted?

@rahuljindal-MVP Hi! I have actually tested version 16 to another device, and it went OK. It's happening to one device only so far. We also tried to login other account on that device but same issue. 

Have you tried switching network on the device?
Yes. We have tried to use company Wi-Fi/Network as well and mobile data. It seems that the company portal didn't detect that the profile is already installed.
We just discovered 3 users who have this same issue, and it looks like it occurred roughly the same time as yours. When re-adding the profile we get that error message. Even with the error, the users' outlook will work, but then after ~2 days they always get a compliance error again and we have to remove/re-add the profile, get the same error, rinse and repeat. This is only affecting 3/~50 users for us.
Are the affected devices experiencing the issue until now or it was resolved after several remove/re-adding of profile?
2 of the users have re-installed the profile 3+ times and the issue persists. The install will "fail to load profile" though outlook still works (really the only thing the users care about), 2 days later the same error will come up in outlook saying "Get access to this resource". This comes up presumably due to some device compliance issue involving the profile install fail.

@ElenaJ05 I'm also having this issue.  Only one user so far.  It's the EXACT same issue that 

@LukeWeb335 is describing.

Any updates, anyone?

I know this is an old post, but I just ran into this exact issue on an iPhone 15 iOS 17.4.1. My fix was a force restart on the phone, install the profile, and wait for the profile to be recognize by Intune Comp Portal app.