Why doesn't Forms have a SLA?

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I was disappointed to learn after the recent Forms service outage that Forms is not considered a product (it's a feature) and therefor doesn't have an SLA.  That's not a confidence inspiring message.

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We really apologize for the outage. We’ve done the internal postmortem to avoid such issues in the future. And we will publish the postmortem to public once it’s ready. We are also working on on-boarding to Office Service Health Dashboard. After that we will be able to communicate with customers on issues and update timely.
That's encouraging to hear Anqi.
Do you also expect to add a formal SLA for Forms as part of this effort?

@Anqi DuI wanted to follow-up on this topic again.

Last month we were impacted by the outage MO176316 to Forms.  We learnt from support again the Forms still is not backed by a SLA and is just a best-effort service.


Are there plans to make Forms a 1st-class O365 app or is it destined to be a best-effort feature?

@Anqi Duwhat is the status of your effort to provide Forms Service Health information in the O365 Admin Center?

Hi Adrian, we apologize for the impact to your organization. We are in the middle of enhancing our service and real-time notifying for service issue. We are working with partner team on SHD onboarding to notify such incident and we expect to deliver in a quarter.
Hi Dean, thanks for reaching out. We are working with partner team on SHD onboarding to notify service incident and we expect to deliver in a quarter.

@Anqi DuI appreciate your efforts to get to the SHD (that should be a pre-requisite for any new service).

And I am glad to hear that efforts are underway to make the service more robust.  Outages happen - even to our internal systems.

But what concerns me is that Forms (or Forms Pro) still has no SLA.  It adds some difficulty to convince my business to move away from other products when Microsoft does not appear confident enough in the Forms product to guarantee its reliability.


@Anqi Du  - What is the status of administrator access to helpful forms information?  Seeing Forms outage information in the Message Center?  Having an SLA?  A status update would be helpful.