Date Picker Issue

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The Date Picker on our forms has been working correctly up until this morning. The picker, when selected, now displays behind the form which makes it unusable. A date can be selected if its visible but if any other text goes over the picker it is not possible to select anything. The issues does not effect desktop entries. Any help would be appreciated. Screenshot below.Screenshot_20190327-101811_Samsung Internet.jpg


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 I have exactly the same issue.  New to forms so this is my first one.  Did you get any resolution ?


Not yet, as a quick fix we have changed the question type to "text" and are getting staff to enter the date manually.
Thanks very much for letting me know I will do that for now. Shame if it worked ok before though

Facing this exact same issue here. Everything was working ok until yesterday.


For now, I've changed this field to no-mandatory, so people can just skip it. 


Please MS team, FIX it

Same issue just cropped up for us too@jpett   It seems to work okay on desktop but not on mobile phone.



I can also confirm that this has been working for over a year in our case.


Just started this morning.


Needs urgent fix.

Same issue for us.  Tested on multiple devices.  Appears to work as expected in the browser but not on a mobile 'view' or device.  Looks like maybe the background is transparent instead of a white fill, so controls below it show through. 

Working in comp. browser but not in Mobile

Sorry for the inconvenience, our enginners are working to fix it. Thanks!

@Yong Qiu we just migrated an entire reporting process to google forms thanks to this issue. We are trying to sell Office 365 and SharePoint as a solution but every time we test a tool such as forms it is plagued with gltiches and slow fix times and we are forced to look for solutions elsewhere

@Domenic DiGirolamo 


As of testing this morning it appears that they have resolved the issue with the calendar.


We have restored our original form to production.


@Domenic DiGirolamo do you have solution for date picker did not work with browser yet?

@Domenic DiGirolamo The Date Picker on our forms created by InfoPath does not work on SharePoint 2019