New Access Fixes in Version 2206 (Released June 29)
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As we started back in June, we are highlighting some of the fixed issues that might be important to you, which our Access engineers released in the current monthly channel version 2206, released on June 29th, 2022


If you see an issue here that impacts you, and if you are on the current monthly channel build 2206, you should have these fixes. Make sure you are on Access Build # 16.0.15330.20196 or greater.


Bug Name
Issue Fixed
A form bound to an ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) record set does not appear correctly when inserting records
We fixed an issue where the previously created record appears blank when inserting records into a form that is bound to an ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) record set.
We don't expose Precision/Scale in the field properties collection (SQL Server Migration Assistant)
We added the ability to get the precision and scale properties for a table field using the Data Access Objects (DAO) Field properties collection.
Filter using a search term that ends in a space does not take the space into account
When searching in the nav pane, leading and trailing spaces are no longer trimmed, leading to more accurate search results.
Record navigation textbox doesn't display full record count when you have >999,999 records and scroll to the end
Record navigator will now resize appropriately to display full number when there is a large record count.
Accessibility Issue: Screen reader doesn't narrate the label of the edit field in the Enter Parameter Value dialog when running a query
We fixed an issue that could cause Narrator to fail to read the labels in the Enter Parameter Value dialog.
Importing text file with date/time values with AM/PM fails to import date/time values
We fixed an issue that could cause incorrect parsing of date/time values with AM/PM specified when importing a text file.
Calendar icon not appearing for textbox bound to Date/Time Extended
The Date Picker will now display when the focus is on a Date/Time Extended field.
GoToRecord action doesn't work when focus is in navigation pane
The GoToRecord action now works when focus is in the database navigation pane.
Datetime2 data type formatting doesn't handle fractional seconds properly
We fixed an issue that could cause a Date/Time extended field to be formatted incorrectly when not displaying fractional seconds.
Date formatting for datetime2 displays incorrect day of week
We fixed an issue that could cause the incorrect day of the week to be displayed for a Date/Time Extended field.
When exporting reports in Microsoft access to excel, the excel file doesn't get created
This update fixed an issue that could cause exporting a report to Excel to stop working with no error message.
Applying Filters in "Add Tables" pane
The add tables task pane now reapplies filters when you close or reopen it, or switch tabs.
Docmd.RunCommand acCmdShowDatePicker doesn't work if current control is in a subform
We fixed an issue that could cause DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdShowDatePicker to stop working if the current control is in a subform.
Import Text wizard doesn't handle UTF-8 correctly
We fixed an issue that could cause Access to incorrectly handle importing a text file in UTF-8 format.
“No current record” and other messages that never used to happen.
We fixed an issue that was prompting the "No current record" error and other messages.
Bug using Unicode characters in field names
We fixed an issue that could cause a table to report duplicate field names when Unicode characters were used, even when there were no duplicate field names.
Not using friendly name for Dataverse Connector lookup if the column name is capitalized
We fixed an issue where lookup columns in Dataverse linked tables were using the schema name instead of the display name if the original field name in the exported Access table is capitalized.


Soon we will highlight a list of bugs that are included in the 2207 monthly release.


Thanks for the positive feedback on this new blog series. Please continue to let us know if this is helpful and share any feedback you have.


The Access Product Team

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