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Hey, I am wondering if Teams or Forms has the functionality to support a large vote? One stage within an internal Hackathon we are running is to allow staff to vote on the ideas submitted. I have already created the form and we are expecting 50 - 100 submissions.
Therefore the requirements are:
  • Use the data from the existing Form (so integration or .csv export)
  • Potentially up to 300 voters (Number of staff eligible to vote)
  • Voters must be able to read the submissions and then vote on them
  • Results should be collected by admins

Any help massively appreciated 

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@joejwalker that's not a particularly large vote, you can have up to 50,000 responses to a form providing you are not on a personal account and we regularly have more than 1500 responses. More info here. You can either view the vote count for each idea via the Responses tab or, as we always do, use a flow in Power Automate to save the responses into a SharePoint list.


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@RobElliott Thanks for this!


So I should create a new form and populate it with the data from the original idea submissions form and then this will allow people to vote on each idea? Then as admins we can look through the responses tab?

@joejwalker I don'[t understand: your first post said you had already created a form, why would you need to create a new one?


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@RobElliott Hi Rob, thanks for asking the time to try and help me understand here.

So my existing form has the following questions:

2.Idea /suggestion 
3.Anything else we need to know?
4.OPTIONAL:  upload attachments to accompany your idea or suggestion

Once I have collected all the answers to this form, how would I allow the same group of users to vote on the answers submitted?

@joejwalker Were you able to find a way to vote on the answers submitted?