Microsoft Form is now available for U.S. Government Community Cloud: GCC and GCC High

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Millions of education, commercial, and consumer customers have already been using Microsoft Forms, a simple, lightweight tool to create surveys, quizzes, and polls and today, we’re excited to announce Microsoft Forms is also generally available to Office 365 U.S. Government customers in GCC and GCC High environments.


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With Microsoft Forms, employees can easily solicit client input, measure customer satisfaction, and organize team events within minutes. The app is simple to use and works on any web browser, so it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Microsoft Forms also makes it easy to understand the data right away, with real time responses and automatic charts that are in-built. And for more complex surveys, Forms supports question branching and Likert scales, plus the ability to collect 50,000 survey responses per form.


Additionally, Forms supports the addition of themes, logos, and images, for organizations and agencies that want to custom brand their surveys. Microsoft Forms has enterprise-grade security, supports such features as SOC FedRAMP and compliance, and has the ability for IT admins to manage user licenses.


As of today, Forms will be turned on for end users, by default, and available via the app launcher in GCC and GCC High. GCC customers can log in at or through the Office app launcher. GCC High customers can log in at or through the Office app launcher.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do admins need to do to make Forms available for their organization?

A:  By default, Microsoft Forms is turned on for everyone in an organization. Administrators can change access permissions for specific people in the organization. Learn more about administrator controls, security, trust, and compliance.


Q: What platforms does Microsoft Forms support?  

A: Microsoft Forms runs on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and web platforms.  


Q: What level of security and compliance does Microsoft Forms support?  

A: Forms is an Office 365 Tier-D service and part of the Office 365 compliance program. More information about Office 365 compliance is available at the Microsoft Trust Center.


Q: Can I control which users in my organization access Microsoft Forms
A: Yes, by assigning licenses to users, you control whom in your organization can access Microsoft Forms.


Q: Can forms created in GCC and GCC-High environments be shared externally?
A: Currently, forms can only be shared within your organization.


Q: Where can people in my organization go for more information?

A: Customers can learn more at


We invite you to continue helping us improve Forms by submitted feature suggestions, or voting on existing ones, throughout UserVoice site. You can also engage with us and other Forms users on Tech Community, and stay current on the latest releases through our blog site.

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Hi all I am looking for help, I am not very tech minded so please excuse the simple language. I accidentally used the administrator link to a form and deleted the questions, this is turn has deleted the answers to those questions that had already been submitted but not the information about who had responded. Is there a way of retrieving the answer data? Thanks for any suggestions! 

Occasional Contributor

Will external sharing ever be available in GCC tenants?


@Nat-12 Thanks for your question. I will reply you with privacy message to see if I could help with your issue.


@Yvonne Hertel Yes, it's in progress. We will send out an admin post to notify once it's ready.

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@Anqi Du Hey, do you know if Microsoft Forms Pro will replace Voice of the Customer as Dynamics 365 app? Thanks!
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We have Forms via Office365 - is there a plan for MS Forms to be in Teams for GCC-03 local gov folks?

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I would also like to know if there is a plan for MS Forms to be in Teams for GCC G3 local gov folks?

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Another request from GCC for Forms to be available in Teams.  Would also really like to have the Modern Page web part available in SharePoint Online.  Is there a timeframe for either of these?

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@Anqi Du are there any updates on external sharing in GCC and GCC high environments from your post a year ago?


@John_Barnes  Hi John, external sharing has already been enabled in GCC in March 2019, but not GCC high. 

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When will the Forms web part be available for SharePoint sites in GCC?  

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When will the GCC version allow file uploads in Forms?

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Are the templates  for Forms available for Government tenant?

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Will Microsoft Forms connector for Power Automate be supported in GCC high anytime in the future? Without the connector working or the ability to send email response in GCC high Microsoft Forms loses a ton of functionality. 

@ScottBrewster I have the same question about when the Forms web part will be available for GCC (and why it would be restricted anyway!) I'm not finding any answers, but if I get some, I'll post back here.

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@Anqi Du When will Forms be available for GCC via the Office Mobile app?  The app has the Forms tile but does not allow access to view forms that were created on the desktop version or create forms via the mobile app.

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