Users from different tenant cant access MS forms posted on teams

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Hi Everyone,

Please help me understand how this works, i am not aware of this process. my company recently set up a cross tenant sync between our company and the company we aquired recently.

Company 1 is Parent and Company 2 is child.

Users in Company 2 can access our files through switching to our tenant from micrososft teams, its the same for us as well.

But Company 2 cant access MS forms posted on Company 1 teams, it says access denied.

Under MS Forms setting it is selected as Only People in my Organisation can respond. Is this setting causing this issue ? but Company 2 users are present in Compay 1 tenant as guest users.

I have Checked B2B Collaboration settings, it says Allow Access to All applications.



What do I do in this instance, i want users from Company 2 to access the MS froms instead of me creating a new MS form and the automation system behing it.

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Microsoft Forms doesn't support multi-tenant and they will be treated as different tenants. If the form is set to 'Only people in my organization can respond,' Company 2's user cannot submit the response for the form from Company 1 tenant.
Thank you very much, so the only option left is to create the entire process tenant 2, because i cant set to form to anyone can respond as it has attachment field in it.
Yes, that is the only option for a form that restricts responses to people within my organization for multi-tenant company.
Thank you very much for taking your time and replying me, i will create a new process again.