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We are looking to use MS Forms as the means of surveying our customers in respect to a Balanced Scorecard. The survey would be sent to the customer each month and they would like to see the details they submitted the previous month and use this as the basis of their next submission. Is there anyway to achieve this? At present they are always presented with a blank form each time. 

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No there is not a way to do this, forms is a basic data collection tool not a full forms solution. You would need to use Powerapps, but assuming your customers are external you cannot do this with an Office 365 solution and would have to look at building out your own via Azure services or another 3rd party.

You might be able to get creative with sending e-mail ahead of time using form data for the responses by collecting the responses to a SharePoint list or something, then using a flow process to send e-mail to those recipients with the previous data in the e-mail, but you can't render it on the actual form itself when they submit it.
Thought this was the case - but its always worth asking. Thanks for your quick response.