Sharing form results - use of Excel Online and users uploading images

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Great tool so far. Easy to use and branching is v. useful. As mentioned in other posts, being able to share the results is needed. For me, I would like the results to be written to an Excel Online file so that I can share a link to that easily.' This would be the same as Excel Survey. If I shared a link to a read-only file, could users download the spreadsheet to work with it offline? I wouldn't want the data in the form to modified online, but users would want to make changes to a local copy they can hopefully download. Secondly, can it be made possible to share the results 'dashboard' with users too, probably via a share the results link? If so, I guess people could download the Excel file here too which would also work, but not as neat as having it in Excel Online. Finally, can users upload images / files when completing the form. I am trying to create a tool to collaboratively create a question bank. Some questions might have an associated resource (e.g. a map or photo). One question is, does this question have a resource? If YES, then the branch would be do an option to UPLOAD THE RESOURCE. The file could then be saved in a folder in OneDrive with a hyperlink from the YES answer in the Excel Sheet, to the file in the OneDrive folder. Thanks, Matt
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Thanks! We will consider adding the function of uploading image when completing it.


Your response said you would look at this - it's been a long time.....!!!

I have results from a form I want to share with other non 365 ppl. 

Still not possible please?

Would also like the function of adding a file when filling out form (screen cap, jpg, etc.)

two years - such a useful function to have.
we can take it for granted that after 2 years you have no intention of helping us.