.py turns text to a hyperlink

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Hi, whenever I postfix a string with ".py" inside a question, the form turns it into a hyperlink (which obviously has a broken link). Is this an intended feature?



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Hi @Ian_Park ,


Yes, it is intended to link to websites. It is recognising what you entered as a domain - I tested it today with, .com and .ie. Here is a screenshot




My recommendation is to put a space between the 'FileName' and .py as in the following screenshot. This will not create a hyperlink




You could also possibly bracket the file extention - "Hello(.py)" or put the extention outside the quotation marks - "Hello" (.py file). In any case, I would avoid putting things within a question in a domain format unless you want them hyperlinked.


FYI .py is the domain name for Paraguay.


Hope this answers your question!


Best, Chris

Thanks for your detailed response!

@Christopher Hoard Is there a way to insert a hyperlink in a question and/or the response options? I want the users to verify that they've reviewed a guidance document. If they haven't I want them to be able to click on a link called "Analysis Guidance" without showing the full url. Thanks. 

Not currently. There is a uservoice open for it

The best workaround is to use an URL shortener such as Bitly

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris