"Get email notification of each response" sending emails although not ticked

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We have sent a form to a group of users and although we haven't selected the option to get notifications when the form is completed, we are getting them anyway. 

It's a standalone form which has been shared with a small group for collaboration.  I can see when the setting is checked and unchecked by another of the group as it also mirrors that setting on my screen for the form.  So I'm assuming the setting is form related rather than user.

Any pointers on where else I should be looking to amend the notification setting?  We're still new to using Forms here so there may be a setting some other place that I need to look at, advice appreciated, thanks.

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Hi @AndreaUK!

You're probably correct that the notification setting is form-related instead of user-related, although I don't know for sure. 


The workaround I would try is to turn off the notifications in the Form itself, and use Flow to manage the custom notifications. 

Through Flow, we were able to either send an email to a specific person (even if they aren't an "owner" of the form), or to route the notifications to a Teams channel.