MS Forms Alphabetize Drop Down Options

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As my form evolves, I find myself regularly adding new options/names to my existing dropdown lists. To keep things organized, I would love to alphabetize these entries. Does anyone know if there's a built-in feature or a workaround to alphabetize the options in a list on Microsoft Forms?  

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I can think of a workaround which is not very convenient, but at least it works. Here are the steps:

1. Take any action you want to copy the full list of options you have.
2. Paste them into any application you would use to sort the list. I use Word to sort the list of options.
3. Copy the sorted list.
4. Go back to the form design page, delete all the options you have, and click "Add option". Make sure your focus is on the newly created option, and press "Ctrl+V" if you are running Windows OS. New options will automatically be generated with the sorted list you copied.