Microsoft Forms – users submitting form without filling in required fields

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Hi, can anyone shed light on a problem we're experiencing?


We have a Microsoft Form for submitting content requests managed through Teams and using a Power Automate flow to pull responses through to Freedcamp.


Recently multiple users have submitted responses without filling in required fields such as contact details etc. And one user was able to submit a form after uploading a file that was over the maximum size limit, which caused the Power Automate flow to fail.


The fields are definitely marked as required on the form and appear with an asterisk.


I am unable to replicate the problem. When I try to submit a form it flashes up a warning message saying 'The question is required'.


The only edits we have made since the form was set up are to the text of questions. We haven't added/deleted questions or changed branching etc. 


Has Microsoft brought in any changes that could have introduced a bug?



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Did you ever get a resolution to this issue?

We have several required / mandatory fields on a form and have had several people manage to proceed to the next section AND then successfully submit the form without filling out the required fields.

This is supposed to be impossible!

Any suggestions appreciated.