Limiting Answer Choices Based on Previous Question Responses

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I am writing to see if Microsoft would consider adding the following functionality to Microsoft Forms: an option to limit answer choices based on previous responses. 


For example, a form has two questions. The first question is "What is your favorite meal?" and the options are "Breakfast", "Lunch", or "Dinner". The second question is "What is your favorite food?" and the options are "Eggs", "Toast", "Chicken", "Fish", "Steak", and "Pasta." If a respondent selects "Breakfast" is the favorite meal, then I would like the next question (Favorite Food) to only display the  options "Eggs" and "Toast."


Please let me know if there is a way to currently do this in Microsoft Forms and if there is not currently a way to add this function, if you all would consider adding this functionality to future Microsoft Forms updates. Thank you so much for your consideration.



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@Dingkun Xie 


Thank you for your response. We use the branching feature to display questions based on previous responses, however I am interested in using branching to limit potential answer choices. 

Currently, Microsoft Forms does not offer the ability to restrict the options of a choice question. Branching can be used to present different questions with the same title, but with different options depending on the user's previous responses.