Form Responses not Showing when Using Open with Excel

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 I have a Microsoft Form with 99 responses. When choosing Open with Excel it is missing at least 30 of the responses. Is there a way to get it to show all the responses in Excel? The responses are there if you view them one by one from the Form.

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Hi Kaylynn, let me follow up with you.

We have a form that downloaded most of the responses but missed about an hour. The responses can be seen if you go to the summary and if you go to each one individually but they will not download in Excel. 

I am also having a similar problem. My Form shows 81 responses and it only displays 1 when I pull it up in Excel...please advise.

I am also experiencing the same issue with my form. Please let me know if there is a way to pull the missing data into Excel. Thank you!

Actually, the responses ended up pulling into the Excel form the next morning. Strange! Hopefully, there aren't more issues in the future. Or perhaps if there is some way/function where we can pull the individual responses viewed into the Excel spreadsheet, that would be helpful

Now I have a form that will not open in Excel at all. 


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I will follow up with the people who has the met error for "Open in Excel".

We are using Microsoft Graph API to write responses data into your Excel workbook. And we have retry logic to for the missing data when the API meets errors.

Sometime, people checkout the workbook in SPO or lock the workbook by legacy Excel client, so the workbook cannot get access by API. So we have to wait and retry later.

Hi Stephanie,


I'll follow up with you.




What exactly does this mean? At this time the form still will not Open with Excel. Previous forms are working fine. Please tell me what can be done to resolve the issue. This is incredibly frustrating since we now have data can we cannot easily get to due to the error message. 

Looks like you have met a blocking error on API side.

Could you send me the URL of your form (the URL you send out to responders)?

Then we could do futher investigation and provide solution to help you get data into Excel.

I have encountered this issue as well. Is there a fix yet?


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I am getting this error.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I hope this article could help you - How to get missing data in Forms


@Zhongzhong Li  I have an excel workbook that is getting live data from a form, however I noticed 2 blank lines in the workbook, like the responses were not synced correctly. 

I looked at the individual responses on the form but they are not there either. 

How can I get those responses back or at least ensure it doesn't happen again? 

I also am experiencing this problem. I built a form for Students to Sign-In to the Lab, and just today it started only sending only 1,502 responses out of 2,553. The last responses are showing for 2/23/22, and I had all up through last week. Why is it not sending all 2,553 responses to Excel?
I use MS Edge Chromium for my browser. I finally figured out that Forms was splitting my download into two files with 1,500 records in each file. Not sure why. There was an option to show all available downloaded files, or in my case only the 1st file. Once I turned this off I was able to see all of the files and get all my data.
I have a current and urgent problem in this same vein. The parent form driving a complex business flow is malfunctioning. some responses going to the excel sheet, some skipping it entirely but the data showing up later in the flow. I really need some real-time help, if a MS agent could help.

@AHaynes5697 your scenario doesn't make a lot of sense: if responses are showing up later in a power automate flow then they've clearly been recorded in the form & spreadsheet as a response. Could you give some screenshots so we can try to understand what the issue is?


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