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Forms Pro Licensing

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Can anyone point me to additional licensing information regarding Microsoft Forms Pro (USL)? I have an Office 365 tenant with about 300 E3 licenses. I have "purchased" the Forms Pro USL from the Office 365 admin site. I have seen the article below stating that I need to purchase 2K responses/month for $100/month. Am I understanding correctly that with the Forms USL license I get zero responses to start with until I purchase the Additional Licenses? If that is the case, how am I able to currently create a Form and submit a response? Is there some small amount of responses I get for testing? Any help would be appreciated as I am unable to find specifics beyond that listed on the link below.


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@Chris_Mancini That is correct. It is working for you now as O365 E3 includes Forms. Forms Pro functionality is not included without an additional purchase (FOC Forms Pro USL + paid Responses). Comparison (this may be out of date):