Issue with Forms responses limit

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Wondering if anyone could help me. 


I have been advised the limit of responses for a free account is 1,000. However, as I am using a free/personal account for one of my forms and currently have 289 responses and it is not accepting any more. 


Does anyone know why this may be? It has happened to a few people who have messaged me back to tell me their replies will not go through.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 



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Can you give us a little more information on what's happening with a failed submission?  Does the submit button not work, does the information vanish into the ether?


And when you say you're using a free Forms account, this is via a personal email address?  If you're using the basic forms that comes with an O365 tenancy this Forms FAQ link might be of interest regarding storage space


@Steven Andrews  Hi and thank you for your quick reply.


I am indeed using my personal Outlook (hotmail) email address for this. 


In regards to the issue, the following error message appears: "The maximum number of people have already responded to this form".


This appears in small red writing right by the submission button and this is after the respondent has answered all questions as required.


Hope this clarifies things a little.


@kejsi1  Hi, I want to join the discussion and confirm, that Forms also shut down with only 200 answers, where I was expecting 1000 answers possible.

The message is the same here.

I am using "Microsoft365" (former "Office365") as private customer.




Same here, suddenly our forms response limit is dropped to 200 when using (cannot submit response when has 200 Responses already ) . We have 1000 limit before !? Is something updated in Microsoft? Pls help
Just an update to this as I was curious. The Forms product attached to MSN personal accounts is indeed limited should be 1000. This support article points out the different thresholds for each version of the product. There's possibly an issue with the service.

Hi @Steven Andrews 


Yes, I understand.

Ah, I have been on this link already and seen all the different limitations to characters, responses and questions. But still does not make much sense as I understand 1000 being the limit for free/basic accounts. 


I have also contacted support about this and this is where they redirected me! Any idea who else may help with this? 



@kejsi1 I am having the same issue. I had a number of forms that worked up to their 1000 response limit and then this week I have had two forms that stopped working after less than 300 responses. 


The Office Support live chat have directed me here and advised I wait for a member of the Microsoft team to review the issue.