Collaborating on a form when one person has a forms license and someone else has a forms pro license

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I have lots of forms that I create and then use the collaborate link so someone else can view the responses and download the info in excel.


I have a forms pro license and I want to try it with some new forms that I would hook up with Dynamics.


What is going to happen to my existing forms? Will my colleague still be able to access them through the same urls? Will people still be able to fill out with the same urls?


What about the new forms? Does the collaborator also have to have the same license?


I currently have group forms as well, these are outside of the above discussion. I know they aren't supported by Forms Pro. What happens to those?


Thanks. I'd love to try this forms dynamics integration asap, but I can't switch to forms pro without knowing these answers.



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@Katherine Prouty 

Hello, did you come up with something? I have the same question.

To me it seems that the people who fill in the form do not need license.

@Michal_Abraham, the people who fill in the form won't need a license, but I don't know if I will be able to collaborate on a form with someone who doesn't have a license.