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A few questions to the Microsoft Forms people here if I may:

Is Forms still under feature development? A lot of features are missing and progress is slow.

Where can we see roadmap for future, planned, feature releases?

Where is the promised User voice feedback for Forms?

Are E3 / E5 customers going to get Forms pro as part of their existing agreements?


Will standard Forms ever be AD integrated so surveys can only be carried out by the people associated with the Form? This feature is important to any firm taking security seriously.


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Hi @Dave_Lee

To answer your questions

1.) Yes, forms is still early in its lifecycle and so there is a lot of features which users would consider essential not in the app. Examples are dropdowns, sections and images in forms. The biggest ones for me is Forms isn't even in Service Health which I personally raised a uservoice for

2.) Microsoft Forms is in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap ( however I would also follow the uservoice for a fuller view (

3.) The User voice is here -

4.) Forms Pro is currently in Preview. Microsoft have not released as yet the plans Pro will be in as of yet, and whether this is an included service or an add-on

5.) Difficult to say as it's not on the roadmap but there is a uservoice for it here -

Hope that answers your questions!

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard 


On the development front, new, needed features are so slow to come to fruition that it feels like all the team are focused on Pro and not moving forward what we have now.