No way to see Forms usage?

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With the release of Forms Pro and licensing based on responses, I'm kind of shocked there is no easy way to get usage data.


Perhaps a Forms Admin Portal or something similar? If anything I should be able to at least see the amount of Forms traffic from an administrative side.


Anyone else have this issue and possibly come up with some creative ways to obtain this data?

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Hi @Jon Gertken,

There is a uservoice open for this here

Would vote to push this up the agenda.

There isn't currently an admin portal or an all up usage report as of yet. Forms is still a relatively young app and so there are large gaps - one being that its not even in the service health in the Microsoft 365 admin portal. In addition - even though there is several uservoices for it there is no API access for Forms yet meaning that you can't even pull information for usage purposes.

I strongly believe that it will come in time, however its not on the Microsoft 365 roadmap so we still have some way to go

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris