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I have a need to be able to populate a field based on the URL, as an example I may want to modify a document and then send a form to everyone for them to certify that they have read the new document (management of change).


I would like to have a field in the form (lets say DocumentID), now I don't want them to fill this out, I would rather specify this through a URL, that way I can dynamically fill out the form based on what the document is, and use the same form and not worry about them mistyping it each time.


I know I can track who filled out the form which is great, its just tracking the document, as an example I would love to be able to call the url like https://surveyurl/?DocumentID=12345 and then it fills out the DocumentID as 12345, this way I can dynamically change the link in power automate more easily.

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@TravisHale it is not possible to pre-populate any information in Microsoft Forms. There is a request for pre-populating fields based on a url parameter which you can vote for in the Microsoft Feedback Portal.


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