External sharing has stopped working

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Good morning everyone. We have a simple form for students to request our library to buy new books. 

It was set to "share with anyone who has a link" - this morning it has reverted to "anyone in the org...", therefore rendering it useless. 

I have checked the forms settings in Admin centre but nothing has changed.

Any pointers as to where I should look next?

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@gerardc - Find where the original document is uploaded. 

If it is uploaded to Sharepoint

-select the document

-click the 3 dots and select "Manage Access"

@AccotinkCaptain Yeah, that was the issue this morning. That setting had changed itself and wasn't allowing us to change it back as it was greyed out.

I have seen a few others with the same issue. I just logged back into the form just now and Voila, was able to change it. 

I assume there has been an issue on the MS side for a few hours. 


Ah okay, sometimes it does take awhile for Sharepoint to sync with new settings. Especially if it has a lot of users to change the permission for on the document.
Glad it worked out!