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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Hi i have been able to get into forms without an issue for the best 4 days. Today when i tried to log in to check my poll i was given this error and now i am unable to log in to my Forms account.


Request Id: 51c4b00e-c4f3-4c6f-834a-820d29b30100
Correlation Id: 6d11e098-24b2-4088-9ae8-2e3e69532b96
Timestamp: 2023-11-29T02:11:15Z
Message: AADSTS500200: User account 'email address removed for privacy reasons' is a personal Microsoft account. Personal Microsoft accounts are not supported for this application unless explicitly invited to an organization. Try signing out and signing back in with an organizational account.

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I suspect that the failure was caused by the dual sign-in experience. To check this, you can try logging off your MSA account (something like, to log off the MSA account, you can visit, and click the right upper conner and select the sign out) and then accessing your poll again. If the login page shows up, make sure to log in with your org account.

Thanks for the speedy response. I just tried this and as of right now Live shows no other account logged in. I also cleared my history as well as my Cache to see if that would help. Still no luck.



If possible, could you share more details about your scenario? From your description, it seems like you are not accessing the form from the Microsoft Forms portal ( Are you working with any integration features in other platforms, such as Teams or Outlook?