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For Office 365 Forms, it would be helpful to be able to copy a question/statement from one form to another form--having the function of a reusable object.

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I like this idea, obvoiusly you could copy an entire form, and then do away with your questions that you dont need to copy, but that would only be practical in some instances.  Your post made me think of maybe having some way to generate a question bank.  This might make things more confusing in the long run, and I love the simplicity of Forms as it is now, but a question bank tab for example, where you could enter in questions that could later be tied into a form, might be a handy way of adding flexibility from year to year?  Just a thought

I have been working with branching forms and I too would like to copy specific questions so that when a student chooses the incorrect answer, the branch takes the student to a reading followed by the re-asking of the question. At this moment, I have to retype each question a second time for this to work. 

I agree.  I am creating a form where the answer is a choice and the range of choices will be the same for every question so would be great to copy rather than re-type all the options every time.