Running flows on a selected header

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Hi All

I am looking to create a flow from Microsoft Forms, which would send an email to a defined person based on their Team ID and if another parameter is selected in the survey. 

As per attached picture, I want the Flow to check the header called "What was the cause of the visit" if Previous Engineer is selected by inputter, I want the flow to ping an email to an Email Address list based on TEAM ID and include the verbatim content in the section which I've blanked out. 

Is this possible? 

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This should definitely be possible with Flow. I don't have all the details, but here's a generic approach for the Flow logic, all of which should be possible.

  • Trigger: On Submit of MS Form Response
  • Initialize Variable: [Email]
  • For Each Response (there should only be on per run of the Flow, but I think this is how they make you do it)
    • Check Condition: If Cause of Visit = "Previous Engineer", then
      • Loop through whichever datasource holds the Team Ids and related Emails, passing the Team Id from the Form Response.
      • For Each Result (again, there should only be one, but this is how it works)
        • Set Variable: [Email] = [Team.EmailAddress]
      • Send Email:
        • Address = [Email]
        • Body = [Stress Test the System]
    • Else - do whatever

The big unknown here is where your Team email data is stored and whether or not there is an existing connector for that data source.


Hope this helps!