Merging questions from multiple forms into one form / points per option

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I've been pushing for greater use of office 365 across my school but one area that is really slowing progress is the inability to copy questions between forms. This is useful for larger assessments based on topic tests and also tackling student misconceptions (copying questions they've scored poorly on in the past into a new quiz). Students also get very frustrated with multi-answer questions and getting 1 option wrong means they will get 0 marks for the whole question.


I have a couple of ideas for this:

  • A similar system to quizizz where you can navigate other forms and directly copy/drag questions into your new form
  • Similar to the above with an option to sort by % of correct answers
  • When you select 'multiple answers' for a form, move the points next to each option. Then a student getting 3/4 of the options would get 3 points rather than 0

I'm happy to show you student/staff feedback across my school to show how valuable this functionality would be to educational institutions.


Thank-you for reading

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