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Hi, I am putting together a form with a "Region" choice question and I am wondering two things:


1. If, for example Scotland is chosen, can the form default to show all the locations within Scotland




2. If the above isn't possible, I have 71 locations to list, can they be listed side by side (3x3 or 4x4) to save people scrolling all the way through a list of 71 - some users will be doing this on their mobile devices and I know will get fed up!!


Thanks in advance

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Hi @_sarah ,

Yes, you can easily do that using branching.

Set up a secondary question with options for each location in a region.

Copy that question as many times as you have different regions

Amend the list of options to be relevant to each of the different regions

Use branching from the Region question to go to the appropriate location question

Use branching from the location question to by pass all the rest of the locations and jump on to the next question.

Much easier to do than explain but please ask if you get stuck.



Thank you @Guy_Boswell 


I have tried branching prior to posting here, but there seems to be a part missing as it doesn't jump to any other questions. I will have another look and shout if I get stuck - thanks again! 

Hi @_sarah 

You need to set up the branches for each option first.  Make sure you set up a branch from every option of the region question.  And you probably need to set up a branch to a later question from every option of the second question.  Let me know how you get on.


@_sarah I can send you an example if you can let me have an email


@Guy_Boswellthat would be great please, thank email is