Microsoft Forms Choice question Limit


Microsoft Forms allows you to quickly create surveys with various question types, including choice fields.  There may be times, where the number of choices is very large (for example, US states).  Based on some initial assessment on the Choice field, there is a limitation of 60 options that can get stored for a response.  However, you can exceed the number of options in your survey and all that Forms will do is display a courteous warning message at the top of the page.


 Multiple Choice.png


Now, if you were to fill-in the survey and select an option that is greater than 60, all those responses get pooled into the "Other" option.  


Multiple Choice2.png



This behaviour occurs regardless of Single or Multiple answers, or Ordered or Shuffled options.

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Is there a limit to the number of options for a ranking style question?

Hi @Kathleen Brown, you can have between 2 and 10 options on a ranking question.





We experience the same issue when combining several multiple choice/drop down lists. The limitation popups when we're nearing a certain limit. It seems that the calculation is done on the full size of the survey including titles, subtitles, choice lists and even branching options. Quite inconvenient when you want to use MS Forms as the source for a simple input process.

What's the size limit and is there a way to extend the limit?


Hi @Haniel Croitoru - One of my users wants to create a question on a form that will have 70 options.  She's running into issues and it looks like you've already seen this.


Have you found any documentation for the limits on Forms?

@Haniel CroitoruHi, there!  Microsoft forms keeps limiting the number of choices I can enter for a question.  It seems to stop at 5 choices and when I scroll down to add more, it won't allow me to do that.  I've tried using the editing button, but it only lets me remove (trash) choices, not add more.  What am I doing wrong?  (I want to offer about 10-12 choices, so not a crazy number!)  Thank you!

Hello Haniel ,could you help me how to add the ranking method numbers in drop down