Branching Rules not executing after more than 4 (Forms Pro)

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I have a form that was created with branching rules basically to toggle hidden questions if the expression evaluates to 'true'.. pretty basic logic. It works fine up until I try to add a 5 rule...


The preview mode when I try to answer the qualifying question ends up erroring out and I get the non informative "Sorry, something went wrong" message. When I try to submit a form under another user, the form doesn't crash, but it doesn't work either, the dropdown is unselectable and the dynamic questions are not working.


Is this a known bug? Is it because the form is evaluating too many conditions? Understanding it's preview I would assume there are still issues, but it's weird to me it works until I go to add a 5th rule, then none of them work. Order of execution of the rules doesn't seem to matter either.



branching rules.PNGerror.PNG

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I think there is some issues with certain characters in the branching logic. I was able to get this all to work by redoing all the rules, and testing each rule, one of my questions it did not like for some reason, may have been special characters or capitals not really sure... but it does seem to be a little unreliable without verbose errors, you don't even know whats wrong.

@ndanjou92 I've found that adding more than one rule to the branch causes it to fail.  I have a one question survey which should branch to different surveys (using the Chained Survey option) depending on the answer.  It will ONLY work for whatever the last branching rule is.  I've tried recreating the form.  I've deleted all the branches and tried again - but if i choose an answer that does not match the last branching rule, it simply ends the survey.


Maybe it's something in the Flow logic.

@Burke68 I would think Flow would be outside this because this is before the submit button is clicked which is the trigger for the Flow, I do have all 10 rules working based on the evaluation of the value in my Application Name question. questions do disappear and reappear if you toggle answers to this question which is what I wanted. 


I'm just afraid if I touch it again they'll all stop just like last time - redoing 10+ rules everytime I want to add another is tedious .. again, I think using " - " special characters was the problem because as soon as I switched to | instead of dash it seems to evaluate okay, might be an issue with the branching rule as it parses out a string for evaluation, 


Chained surveys seem buggy in general, only the first submission will chain my survey right if you don't close the browser and re-open the link and simply do a submit another request the chained survey won't even open.. I'm not sure if thats my user experience internally or a larger issue with the launch over from the first survey.