Forms behavior for required fields has changed

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Something changed last night about how Forms deals with required fields.  Previously, if a required field is not visible due to branching rules, you would be able to submit the form, which is desired behavior. 


But now, even if a required field isn't visible (the submitted went down a branching path that didn't reveal that field), you can no longer submit the form.  This is causing big issues for us; is anyone else seeing this or can Forms resort back to the previous behavior?

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@winstony99 - I created a test form to replicate your issue, and I am not able to, I am able to submit a form fine with branching and required field, without filling the required field due to branching.


Are you get some sort of error ? can you post a screenshot ?

@Sai Gutta Yes, here is a shot of the error I get: "question needs to be completed before submitting."  I marked Question 14 as required, but in this particular instance, because of the branching, Question 14 doesn't appear.  We would expect the form to Submit normally, which it did for several weeks until today.  Now, it doesn't seem to allow required fields, even though they aren't visible.  I notice a few changes in formatting in our forms, so I know MS pushed out some recent changes.


forms error.JPG

@winstony99 - Would suggest to create a test form to see if the same behavior applies to that test form, if test form is working fine I would suggest contacting support to see if it is some kind of bug. 


What kind of formatting changed have you noticed ? For my knowledge.

@Sai Gutta Makes sense, thanks.  


We saw that the icon/appearance for Preview/Theme are slightly different, and the submission confirmation screen looks different:


forms submission.JPG

I just did a test form, same behavior unfortunately.

@winstony99 - Are you using Forms pro preview ? I tested your scenario in Forms Pro Preview and able to replicate the issue !

Yes indeed, it is Forms Pro. It worked the last few weeks!
Yes indeed, it is Forms Pro Preview. It worked the last few weeks!

@winstony99 - There is no support for preview product, I would suggest just providing your feedback, using the feedback button. I am not sure if there is a way to fix this other than making the required variable not required.

@Sai Gutta 


Sorry for the late response (been away on holidays for 2 weeks).


I agree with your assessment, Sai. Feedback needs to be given to Microsoft about the bug as the product is in preview!


Nice one Sai.