All different microsoft links will lead to the same form. How to fix?

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Iphone, using Google Chrome. I recently used a microsoft forms link (call it Form A), which worked fine with no issues. However, since then, ALL other microsoft links which I have tapped from any source (WhatsApp, email, Discord, Messenger etc.) will link me back to Form A. I’ve restarted my phone and the respective apps multiple times, but did not work; any microsoft forms link will always open Form A. Even if I directly copy the link and paste it into Chrome, the link in the search bar will change to that of Form A. Driving me insane. The other links are not faulty as they work perfectly fine for my friends, but for me they will link back to Form A. Only for Chrome, the links work fine if I use Safari. Known bug? How to fix? Thanks a lot :)

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According to your description, this problem doesn't seem like a Forms issue, but rather a browser behavior. You can try clearing your browser cache to see if that helps.