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In my form there is a box the asks for a phone number. I have set the restriction to numbers only; however, I would like the number to be presented in this format (XXX)-XXX-XXX. Is there any way to create a restriction so that it automatically will format their phone number in this way? If this is not possible in Microsoft Forms, is it possible to make the format of the phone number (XXX)-XXX-XXX when the data is ported over to excel?

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@NolanW1 no, with standard Forms there is no way to enforce that formatting.


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There is no way to automatically enforce the format, but you can always manually format the data synced to Excel. It's important to keep in mind that you should avoid modifying the original Excel result table directly. Instead, copy it to another workbook and specify the cell formatting as 'phone number' to display the data as needed.