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I have sent invites to other staff within my organization. They have accepted the request, but they are still shown as not bookable under the staff page. I checked to make sure they were assigned to a service, which they are. Their staff page still says that the invite is "pending approval."

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I, too, just noticed that I am having this issue. I have not had this issue in the recent past with other service calendars. 


Any insight as to what could be causing this is greatly appreciated!

For what it's worth, here is a image of what I see. I have not been able to find any place where I should be approving it and I know that the staff person has clicked accept. 




Same. So, I am thinking there is a recent bug which is plaguing us. This issue started recently. Of course, it happens when I rely on bookings most. If I get any leads, I will let you know.
I have the same issue, I have found that in the license we use (Office 365 A1 Plus for Faculty) Bookings was disabled for the resource account i wanted to add to bookings. We have licenses set up for students, staff, contractors and resource accounts. We use Azure to manage our licenses via security groups and enable/disable features for certain groups, yours may be in Office 365


Have the same problem - Are there any updates





I don't think its a license issue, I still have the same issue.




@tewheke Thanks for the update, looked into that today and everything seems correct. All users on same level.  Seems like a recent issue. 

Really happy with the Bookings app overall, it will get sorted out. 


We also have this issue! HELP Microsoft! Bookings is not usable for us.
I am giving up on Bookings. I have heard from other communities that MS is scrapping support for this product but I cannot confirm from MS.

Nevertheless, this application is worthless without this issue being fixed.

Good luck all!

I somehow cannot believe that Microsoft is scrapping support after releasing the new UI and features. But Bookings feels of course more like a hobby project from Microsoft, not like a product they really try to push. And forum support is unfortunately quite weak from their side. Let's hope that they keep supporting the application and improving it slowly but steadily because we have integrated Office 365 quite deeply into our company. I do not want to switch to other booking solutions, especially with GDPR in mind.

@josephmarchesano I found this thread when looking for help with this same issue. I am setting up Bookings with multiple staff and the "staff not bookable (pending for approval)" status does not change when they accept their invitations. I'd love an update if anyone finds anything helpful!

@rgilmore it turns out for me was expired license for both resource mailbox and the booking calendar's license needed updating. Now working.

I just resolved this same issue with my staff. I had them access their email to accept the booking invite through Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Hope this helps.



Is there still an issue with this? I also some colleague that is not bookable, but I don't know if it's because they haven't logged in.


Admittedly I gave up trying to fix this and just used a different solution. 

What was your solution? If I may ask - Another tool?