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We use Microsoft Bookings at our Council for a number of purposes. One use includes Mobile Food Vending bookings. Mobile Food Vendors will book a location and time at one of Council's approved vending locations.


The mobile vendors would like visibility to existing bookings so that they can avoid situations where two coffee vans locate in the same area.


I have looked at a number of options to make the Bookings calendar public to include Power Automate, but have been unable to come up with a solution.


Thank you for any suggestions.

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@Tasark I have the same need.  Did you ever find any solution?  I would just like the same calendar view I can see to be available publicly.

HI Tasark,

All Bookings calendars are an Outlook mailbox account with calendar. You can find it by looking at the address of a calendar event from the Bookings calendar, usually in the form of <calendar name>@<domain for company> Once you find it, you can open the account from the online Outlook account you use for accessing bookings:

Once you have opened the account, you can share the calendar just like any other calendar: