Can I hide a published booking from the main booking page, and only view via a direct URL?

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We have a number of bookings A, B and C which we would like to be made available to the public.


If I navigate to Services -> Service, it shows a direct URL to the "Service booking page", e.g.:

(1)[myCalendar]/bookings/s/[UniqueString ]


However, I would like to hide booking C from the main booking page:



so that it is only accessible via the direct link. I.e. I would like to have some of these bookings be publicly available (1), but would not like them to be easily enumerated on a single page (2). Is there a way to do this?


Currently I only have the option of setting a page as "Not Published", but this hides the booking from both (1) and (2). Is there a way to make the booking only appear in (1)?


Thank you

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@Kevin260I know for a fact that this used to be the case up until some time between 12 months ago and now; I used to do this all the time, but it looks like this functionality has been removed.