Bookings with me not showing time slots except when using it as guest

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I am a professor at the University of Bologna and I use Bookings with me to schedule my office time with students. My setup has office hours on Tuesday 15-19, with 30-minute slots, but as you can see when I try to test my availability (dark interface) nothing is available and October 24 is not even selectable (my students have also confirmed this issue), while if I try as a guest in a private browser window (bright interface), the slots display correctly. Can you help me fix this problem?
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Hi @AlessioErioli,

Apologies for the inconvenience. Can you please once try turning off your booking page then publish it again so that it gets your latest settings and see if slots are coming up.


Once you turn off your bookings page, publish option will be available on the same page.



Hi @shraw2285,

I just tried turning off and then publish my bookings page again but nothing has changed, my slots are still unavailable.

Any other possible solution?

@AlessioErioli Can you please open a support ticket so that we can get more details about your booking page to debug this, Thanks.

@shraw2285Thank you, but how do I do that? Never done it before and there seems to be a lot of confusing info if I search online for "Microsoft support ticket". Microsoft Support (!) doesn't seem to have a specific link for Bookings, and if I choose "Can't find your product? Get Help and Support", I'm sent to a search field connected to the forum, but no specific option for opening a ticket.

Could you please provide a link?

@AlessioErioli You can once verify if your outlook working hours covers the timeslot you have configured in the service. If you are still facing issues, here's the link that can help you on how to contact support Thanks.

@shraw2285 My Outlook working hours do cover the timeslots I set up for booking. It's been like that since I set my bookings up back in August, and I haven't changed a single thing since then. The system was working in September, then I realized it stopped working as I said in my original post.


I've already visited that link too, and it's of no help to me. I probably should have mentioned before that, as a professor, I do not have Administrator rights (those are managed by the University), but I thought it was implied. At this point, I guess I'll have to contact my organization's IT support, but I thought this was an issue at the application level more than a matter of admin setup.

Update: I didn't "solve" the issue, but I found the cause of the problem and a workaround (not optimal, but at least I know how not to cause it).

I paid more attention to this info pop-up, especially the "when you don't have conflicts" part:


The issue is that, as a self-memo, I did schedule the same event (my office hours) on my personal Google calendar, which I then synced with Outlook calendar to avoid missing things. Unfortunately, the condition above applies also to events that are synced from other calendars as well. So, removing the events from Google Calendar made my availabilities visible again in all modes.

As I said, this is a workaround - it doesn't explain why my availabilities were visible when connecting in private mode. Moreover, I think the condition of avoiding conflicts by default is too rigid, it should be an option that a user can turn off.