How do I view my 'bookings with me' appointments in another calendar?

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We have recently starting using the 'book time with me' function on Microsoft 365 for business (basic), for client appointments which is a great thing, however we cannot see the 'book time with me' appointments on a (MacPro) laptop using the apple calendar function.


This is strange because we can see our normal MS365 for business outlook appointments carried through to the laptop calendar no problem.


We have tried reinstalling the exchange account on the laptop, but same issue, we can see the 'normal' calendar appointments but not the 'book time with me' appointments on the laptop.


This is an issue as we want the user to be able to see their commitments from 'book time with me' on their normal calendar application.


They don't need to edit, just see them integrated in the one place just like the normal outlook appointments already are visible through to the laptop.


Anyone else having similar issue or ideas on why these particular appointments aren't visible?

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