Bookings page deleted and issues since new year

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We've been using bookings for almost a year now to allow candidates to select their interview time from a specific pre-defined list of options. Instead of creating a service from scratch, we usually just amend an existing one for a new role. However, when we logged in in January after the Christmas break, our bookings page (and all previous services) had disappeared and it asked us to set up a new one. Trying to access the old one through links on old invites / notifications didn't work - the page was gone.


We have now set up a new bookings page, but continue to have major issues. We have previously used the 'custom availability' option to set up specific interview slots (e.g. when we are only interviewing in the afternoon). However, this is now overridden by the availability of the assigned staff member which is a shared inbox so appointments are offered outside of the availability hours set in the service. We have also had an issue whereby the interview slots display correctly until the first person books in, after which all of the other options either change or disappear. As there is no overlap, this should not happen and did not happen in the past.


This is making Bookings unusable for us, any ideas on a fix would be much appreciated!

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@Lola_CH sorry about this and there is no known issue around this.


Did you check if any other staff member is able to locate these Bookings calendars? Are you able to access the self-schedule Bookings pages for these calendars?


Regarding the availability, can you check and confirm that the setting is configured as expected at Bookings page level / service level / staff level and business info levels?

We are experiencing this issue now. The team just noticed today that all of our Services have disappeared. It simply says 'There are no services configured.' Did you ever find a cause and were you able to recover anything?
Can you please share a screenshot for this? Are services getting disappeared in Bookings admin page or from the self-schedule page? Did you try refreshing the page? Is it empty for every staff member in the calendar or just you?

@Babu_Alagarsamy There are no services shown for any of our 3 admins. We have several active services that candidates are booking interviews through. Candidates are still booking times, and we receive the emails, but cannot see the services at all. I have attached a couple of screen shots. Active Service.jpgServices.jpg

In addition, I created a new service yesterday, and now I can no longer see it.
How many services do you have in your Bookings calendar? Can you please DM me your bookings calendar SMTP address?