Duplciate Bookings Page + Unable to find in Admin Portals

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I'm a Systems Administrator and we're experiencing an issue where a Bookings page is showing up twice on https://outlook.office.com/bookings/homepage and the only option there is to Clone. I am marked as an Administrator on the Bookings page and each page has the same exact content. Furthermore, wehn going to Share, they have the same email address which i cannot find in Exchange Admin, MS Admin, or on premises systems. The Bookings page that I do see in the admin portal doesn't match in name or email address to this duplicate one.


I ran a powershell command to pull a list of booking pages and I do see this address in that list, but it is no where to be found anywhere else and I don't want to delete that one in PS for fear of deleting it all. Is there any places I haven't looked or any explanation for what's going on?

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