Choosing time in the schedule but booking the whole day

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In the application “Bookings”, I offer several appointments per day (according to my availability in the software outlook). But I wish that if a customer books an appointment, no other customer can do it during that specific day. I want only one appointment a day, but in the meantime, I want him to choose the time of the day. Do you think we can set this?

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Assuming your day is 9-5 for this example, you could set a buffer time before and after of 8hrs.
This would block out 8hrs either side of the time chosen by the customer without effecting the next business day.

@h3dge Thank you very much for this solution ! However, as soon as I set my buffer time (12h in my case), in the "Service" section, I no longer have any availability offered in my agenda. Same thing when I test with a small buffer time : some availabilities disappear. Maybe I'm not going to the right section ... Please, where should I set this buffer time ? 

I have my buffer time for this particular service set to 1hr after, changing any of these settings for me does not change availability unless someone books a service. 


Maybe its to do with when people can book, for me I have it set to fluid between 10am-6pm



@h3dge Thanks for the screenshot, I am setting in the right section. And strangely for my side changing only the buffer time always modifies availability.

Thanks anyway for time you spend helping me.