Outlook calendar not shown in Bookings calendar


I have one user (myself, admin) for whom Outlook appointments are not showing in Bookings at all.

I suspect its an Exchange related problem. Has anyone experienced such a thing?



Do you have any ideas?



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@Olf for the staff entry, can you please confirm if "Events on Office calendar affects availability" is enabled? Also note that the staff will get a confirmation email when they are added to a calendar. They need to approve this before their free/busy can show up inside Bookings.
Okay well, didn't test for a couple of days and not appointments for this user are showing. "Events on Office calendar affects availability" was enabled. However, what's not working is that customers can still book a time slot although it shouldn't show up on the booking page.

For example:
Staff A and B are both blocked at 2pm. but the customer still sees the slot as bookable. Only if User A is removed from staff the slot disappears from the booking page. User A is the user that was affected from the initial problem I opened this thread for. So staff A's availability basically has no bearing on booking page availability. Could it be because this user is the admin?