Deploying Bookings in Education

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I have asked our central team to turn on bookings for our tenancy, so that Academics can create "office hours" TBH, I think bookings is too complicated for this - i wish there was a stripped down version, but if we don't deploy this staff will continue to use a variety of tools such as calendy and doodlepoll.

To my question. As a full booking operator, you can create whatever calendars you like. The central team are not cool with this, and don't want loads of calendars being created.  I was wondering if there was any way to set up default bookings calendars for the majority of staff ie "jo bloggs - office hours" and not allow them to create any more. I can see how to enable it and disable it using admin, but not on how to create a default bookings calendar for them. 

Also, how are other institutions handling this, where they just want to use bookings for staff office hours?

Any help appreciated :)
Cheers, David

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