[MIcrosoft Bookings] SharePoint O365 : Calendar implementation

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Except the embed SharePoint webpart, is there any solution to implement in SharePoint O365, a calendar from Microsoft Bookings ?  

I've seen a possible solution, through Bookings API. Any feedbacks ? 

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@wolychai42 Did you ever find a solution? I have this exact scenario - the default iframe just loads the whole page, as iframe always will, which is quite an ugly user experience.

@Nick_Ellis Did you get the published Booking page to load in an SPO iframe or just the calendar?


When I try to get the published page in an iframe all I get is this guy.


@Ed Bellman sadly not. There seem to be some javascript tools that can analyse in iframe a specific div, but this didn't work for me.

I suspect they don't want you doing this because Bookings is supposed to be for very small businesses. If you're trying to do something equivalent for larger businesses, I imagine MS want us using Dynamics.

@Nick_Ellis That's too bad because Bookings is a great tool that we use in multiple departments for internal use with our employees.  Seems a natural fit for a native SPO web part/app but I'd settle for a functional iframe.  Thanks