Bookings wont show customers special request!

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I've added the option for my "customers" to add in special request for their meeting when they are booking their appointment. However I am not seeing their comments anywhere. If my "customers" are filling that portion out where should I be able to see it?

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If you set the "special request" up as a custom field when the Booking gets scheduled, you have to open the appointment from the Bookings calendar (not in Outlook), and scroll down to see your custom fields and any responses the customer may have entered. It will be below the "This is a Teams Enabled Booking" line. It will not say anything about that information being the custom fields you created. Screenshot below. 




Thank you! That worked.@EliseH 

@EliseH is there a way for all staff to be able to access the Bookings calendar? I have set up Bookings for my team and they receive emails when someone schedules, but don't have access to the Bookings calendar to go in and see information about the customer or the custom fields from the booking. They all have Administrator roles.



Yes, I added them all this way and they have Administrator access. But they are unable to access anything except the emails that are sent to their Outlook inbox. The emails they receive also do not give them the option to "View in Bookings"



Looks like if they do not have a license in your MS365 tenant, they cannot access Bookings. But if you're able to add them as Administrators, then they should be in your tenant. Very confusing on Microsoft's part. I can't see where Staff can go directly to Bookings or the Bookings Calendar. Sorry. 


See also - This is the article that lists Guests as not having access to Bookings.

No worries, thanks for your help, @EliseH 



I haven't tried it, but maybe you could take whatever MS365 calendar shows your Bookings Calendar appointments and make it a public/internet calendar for your staff to see? It's just an idea, not sure if it will work.