Event column header change in TSV export in Bookings

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Seems like  a column header of the TSV-export file had a change: column "Type" changed to "Event Type". In this colum you will find the values "Single" or "Group" reservations.

Our staff is working with an Excel-file which uses an embedded Power Query to show them the hourly updates in the reservations and provides them with a printer-friendly report.

Suddenly Friday afternoon February 19th CET the Power Query showed errors because of the name change of that column.

Not sure if Microsoft gives a head up for such changes ... ?

We use Power Query to split the Date Time field and filter out the group Bookings. In our case the single Bookings are the dates of closure.

We chose this solution while awaiting a full adoption of group reservations in the Bookings web application. Till today this has a lot of limitations.

Attached is the Excel-file we use to get the detail from our group reservation services in Bookings. Just as an example.

If you put this Excel-file in c:\temp together with the BookingsReportingData.tsv file you download from your https://outlook.office.com/bookings/homepage it should give you the same detail. This is without the info from custom fields or even notes (special request) field. These fields are simply not in the TSV-file. To avoid misunderstanding with our customers we don't use custom or notes fields in our reservations services.

The imported data is shown by means of 2 very simple pivot tables, reservations today and reservations next 7 days. This can be easily adapted in the power query.

Upon opening the power query will update the Excel-file with the data of BookingsReportingData.tsv , which must also be placed in c:\temp.

Update 13 March:  new sample Excel-file "MS Bookings reservations v4.xlsx" because of 8 added columns by Microsoft.

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More changes to BookingsReportingData.tsv reported here New columns added in Bookings TSV-export

Therefore I updated the sample Excel-file in the original post: MS Bookings reservations v4.xlsx