Access the Scheduling Mailbox in Outlook

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If you grant yourself full admin on a scheduling mailbox used for MS bookings, can you attach to it in Outlook/Outlook Online like you would a shared mailbox and view the contents? I tried this but it doesn't work and Outlook says it cannot fin the mailbox. 

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This works if you grant yourself full access. My issue was I'm using Hybrid Exchange and the primary SMTP address as a one. When I changed to my corporate domain using PowerShell EXO modules it worked!
Were you able to check how the "scheduling mails" looks like?
Due to data protection laws I have to delete the past appointments but I'm not sure if it's enough to use the date filter in the "search-mailbox" command so first I'd like to check how the "service mails" look like.
I should have added that the mailbox appears empty though. This was a surprise to me! I'm investigating further as I have the same requirement as you. I wish Bookings from a technical/admin perspective were not so opaque :|.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @shocko. Though, its not an officially supported scenario yet but Ideally, things should work. The mailbox should show up and the emails that are sent out should show up in the sent items folder. Can you please elaborate a little on your use case here? This can help us prioritise the testing/fixing of this scenario appropriately in the future.


If it's not an officially supported scenario then how can we find out how the automated/reservation mails look like?

The documentation is scratchy and doesn't give real life examples with the usage of the available GraphAPI cmdlets: