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this morning I had a "themes" option with the choice between a few designs to customize the top bar of the search engine, which was very nice! But she won't be here long! This afternoon, she's gone! So was this just a temporary experience, or are the interesting features playing cache?



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Hi @Tio_Dep I'd love to take a closer look into this for you! Where are you located?

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France. But the feature has appaeared 2 times today, but disappeared few Time after... It's very strange
Hmmm... Ok, just to make sure I'm on the same page with you, the photo you added is of the menu with no theme. Correct?
Yes (but in France it's 8 PM... So I Will not be able to answer you for the moment ;))
Hello, so the photo I sent is the one without the theme options. When I had the option, it was added just below the others with several squares to select different designs

@Tio_Dep Ok, great I'm glad that I understood the image above. When you go to your before entering a search do you have these options or does your theme options come back? 



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I only have this. No more theme option



Today, i don't know why, the theme option comes back ! 


I would like this feature to be always available, is it possible ?


Hey @Tio_Dep, I see what happened! You stumbled across a test for the new themes feature which is now a permanent feature or Hope you enjoy it! 


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders